The Former Houston Wood
Preserving Works Site

Union Pacific Statement Regarding City of Houston Study

Union Pacific just received the results of the city of Houston’s study, after repeatedly asking for the data. The report shows the dioxin levels in the city’s samples are well below the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality clean-up standards for dioxins in residential areas. Union Pacific understands residents will reasonably want more information. Attributing widespread dioxin only to operations at the former Southern Pacific Houston Wood Preserving Works site is unreasonable and inaccurate. Union Pacific will continue to work with the city of Houston, Harris County and the Bayou City Initiative to collect data and to formulate a sound, science-based plan for moving forward. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, dioxin-like compounds are found in soils everywhere due to a variety of sources. Among them: fuel combustion, including burning of domestic refuse; cigarette smoke; forest fires; and incineration of medical and hazardous wastes. Manufacturers, metal foundries, auto shops, electrical contractors, printing plants, laundromats and other businesses all operated in the area over the span of 140 years.

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